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Waltzing The Blue Gods

by Jaivant Patel ​Company

The Place

on 16​ April

Waltzing The Blue Gods is a ​liberating tale in two parts, that ​reimagines the Queer symbolism ​of the Hindu gods, Shiva and ​Krishna, and the role they played ​in Jaivant Patel’s sexual awakening ​and spiritual relationship to faith, ​to becoming an openly ​homosexual British-Indian man.

Part auto-biographical, part ​fantasy, the evening celebrates ​new possibilities for a rich and ​traditional art form, Kathak, in the ​context of modern contemporary ​Britain that’s proud of its LGBTQI+ ​narratives.

This performance features live ​music.

Kathak is a North Indian classical ​dance form embedded in ​storytelling.

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